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May 29, 2014 6:43 PM by Jessica Holley - jholley@kristv.com

Gun Owners Want Lawmakers to Lessen Gun Restrictions

CORPUS CHRISTI - Don't be alarmed this weekend if you are out shopping and see a group of women carrying riffles and shotguns at Target.

It's part of the local chapter of Open Carry Texas plan for a peacefully walk to educate the public on Texas's gun laws and hopefully bring change.

For the past year the group aimed to grab the attention of Texas lawmakers.

"We are trying to show the state that we are trying to get the open carry handguns passed you know, but they force us to open carry long guns because it's legal and we'd rather carry our handguns rather than riffles or shotguns," open carry supporter Randy Gonzales.

Currently under Texas law, gun owners are only able to carry riffles or shotguns out in the open, yet the state forces handguns to be concealed at all times. A law Open Carry Texas groups want to change.

"That's one problem we are trying to figure out. We don't know why that is. It doesn't make sense to us," says Gonzales.

State-wide the gun advocate group plans organized open carries in public places like restaurants and stores, proudly displaying their weapons.

In Corpus Christi, Target will be one of the spots the local chapter of the group will walk through with their guns on Saturday.

"We just kind of feel like our rights are being infringed upon which is against the constitution and so we are trying to get constitutional carry passed at least here in Texas," says the even organizer Sarah Head.

It'll be lead by organizer and mother of two Sarah Head. She's a new gun owner, but will open carry once the law permits.

"Everywhere I can. Why? Just for protection," she says.

Opponents to the change protest lessening the restrictions will put the public safety at risk and potentially make it easier for felons to obtain guns. Yet Open Carry Texas member believe the change would lessen the discrimination that results from the current law.


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